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Anna Katrina McBride Gathering
Manual Intelligence Window Installation 6 ft x 4 ft Acrylic Wood Cutout

Anna Katrina McBride

Artist. Muralist. Dreamer.

Anna Katrina McBride is a Visual Artist, Public Art Muralist and founding member of the Chroma Pop Long Beach Female Art Collective. She is a cofounder of McBride Arts, a mural team. She explores the role of artist as an architect of visceral and esoteric experiences and the physicality of space. She is currently exhibiting a solo art installation at the Torrance Art Museum Window Public Art Project at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, CA. Please reach out to purchase original art, prints, or for opportunities to participate in art shows or galleries. Based in Long Beach, California.

Anna Katrina Art Mural.jpg

"I want to leave this world more beautiful than when I found it."

Anna Katrina McBride


Long Beach, CA 90814


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